Sprintbit Playlist Manager 6.9.1

Sprintbit Playlist Manager 6.9.1: Playlist Creator & Manager with Audio, Video and Internet Radio Players playback playlists, Full Screen video and Standalone Media Player that you can use to play media in a small window while doing something else. Lyrics & Pictures Viewer for MP3 files and associated media files as well. Playback Statistics list for keeping track of your playback. Picture Viewer with slideshow player. File Browser for managing your files on your computer. File Searcher and Media Scanner lets you search for specific media files and build

VISCOM DVD Player playback ActiveX SDK 3.36: dvd player playback sdk activex ocx
VISCOM DVD Player playback ActiveX SDK 3.36

Powerful dvd player, playback sdk activex.Playback DVD movie, include CSS-protected DVD or DVD image from hard disk.Play, pause, stop, fast forward and backward, step forward.Menu selection for Title, Root, Sub-picture, Audio Language selection.

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DRMsoft Video Packer 10.0: Pack video & codec & player into exe with password protect, Video to EXE Convert
DRMsoft Video Packer 10.0

Playback Password provided by you. Key Features : The encrypted files can be used to achieve the following: Multiple encryption modes: Non-PC-Binding, All computer ,One password; PC-Binding, One computer,One password; Video2exe, Convert video to exe only; Only need to be authenticated once on the same computer(With same Key and Product ID); You can specify the number of playbacks allowed, the time of playback and expiry date; Watermarks can be added

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DivX 6 for Mac 6.0.2: DivX 6 for Mac - Create and play high-quality DivX videos on the Mac.
DivX 6 for Mac 6.0.2

With DivX 6 for Mac, the creation and playback of DivX videos has never been easier. DivX 6 for Mac features the DivX codec (with Pro features), the DivX Converter, the DivX Web Player and DivX playback support. DivX 6 for Mac offers everything you need to play DivX videos on your Mac as well as convert nearly any digital video into a DivX file in one easy step using the DivX Converter. DivX 6 for Mac is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher.

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DRMsoft SWF to EXE Encrypter 9.0: SWF to exe converter, convert swf to exe, You can add playback progress bar
DRMsoft SWF to EXE Encrypter 9.0

playback progress bar into your swf files in order to drag play; You can add stop or pause button for your swf files; You can set scale mode for your swf files; You can specify the number of playbacks allowed, the time of playback and expiry date; It can be configured to prevent other windows from opening during playback; Watermark can be added to swf files, support fixed and floating watermark; You can configure a user prompt so as to let users

swf encrypter, swf to exe, swf to exe converter, swf2exe

PPT2EXE Packer 2.0: PPT2EXE,pps2exe,pptx2exe,ppsx2exe;No editing,No copying,No printing
PPT2EXE Packer 2.0

Playback Password" function to create Playback Password, Enter "No limit" as Machine ID); [ PC-binding ] -- One computer,One password,you only need to encrypt files one time. (Use "Create Playback Password" function to create Playback Password); [ ppt2EXE ] -- Convert ppt to exe,prevent copying,prevent editing,prevent printing. FAQ:How do I know the machine ID of the user`s computer? When a user wants to open an encrypted file, the encrypted file

pps2exe, pptx2exe, ppt2exe, ppsx2exe

Express Scribe Transcription for Mac 4.26: Mac Transcription Player (Variable Speed and optional foot controls) for Typists
Express Scribe Transcription for Mac 4.26

playback, foot pedal operation, file management and more. This program is free. Features: ~ Ability to play compressed wav or dct files. ~ Variable speed (constant pitch) playback. ~ Can use computer rudder pedals (or some other specialist transcription pedals) to control playback. ~ Ability to Dock portable recorders to load recordings. ~ Uses systemwide HotKeys so you can control playback when using other software (eg. Microsoft Word). ~ Automatically

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